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The Master at Work

The Master at Work

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This is a print that celebrates the wonderful beaver. It's a keystone species, meaning it's incredibly important as it creates a rich and diverse habitat through it's building of dams, digging canals and creating dead wood. They haven't been represented in art anywhere near as much as they deserve, and so I created this print via my own off-beat sense of humour and imagination.

Single colour linocut print.

Limited edition of 100. Printed by hand on Japanese Kitakata paper. 

The image measures 23 x 39cm. The paper measures 47 x 36cm

Kitakata: Beautiful 36gsm Awagami Kitakata paper. This Japanese paper has a lovely natural warm tone and smooth surface. There is plenty of space around the image allowing for lots of different framing and mounting options.

I use Cranfield Safewash oil-based ink. This quality ink is lightfast and has a high pigment content. The colours are bright and it’s a joy to use.

Your print will be carefully rolled and held together to avoid it unravelling. It will then be posted in a sturdy cardboard tube to protect it against any bumps along the way. Please consider reusing the tube to reduce waste. Cheers!

Due to the nature of the printing process there may be small variations from print to print. This is very much one reason why hand printed linocuts are special. Each is unique!
All prints are signed by me and numbered (if a limited edition).

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